I’m Shae, welcome to my kitchen!

As with most people, my culinary adventure started when I left home. Somewhere along the way, what started out as a chore and an unpredictable game of hideous experimentation turned into something that I not only respect, but enjoy doing. There is nothing better than feeling pride in a delicious meal knowing that it was cooked with your own fair hands- it definitely ups the enjoyment factor. Cooking for other people ultimately makes me happy, and I am happy knowing that I can now share my food in another way.

Here you will find my go-to recipes, my adventures into cake making and savoury specialties, and also tales of my less succesful attempts in the past. Making mistakes played a massive part in how I learnt what I know – practice makes perfect as they say!

I hope you enjoy checking the site out, and please check the recipe tab in the menu at the top for all the latest tasty treats!